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 Call 'Hoops' on 07504 861889 or text and I'll call you back when free. Remember your boiler is working hard ALL year round not just when it gets cold outside.Anytime is a good time to get it serviced.Gas Including but not limited to:Central Heating Boiler Servicing.Water Heaters.Cookers.Fires and Wall Heaters.Energy Efficiency. (Part L) For all your gas appliance needs CLICK HERE

Plumbing Including but not limited to:Radiators added, replaced or relocated.Leaking taps or waste.Washing Machines and Dishwashers connected.For all your domestic plumbing needs CLICK HERE

To make an enquiry call on 07504 861889 or 01438 219545.Or email me by clicking here

Who Are Hooper’s Plumbing & Heating?
There is no ‘we’, just Hoops. I don’t try to sound like a large company, quite the opposite.
I am Hooper’s Plumbing & Heating, a sole trader who started in plumbing 36 years ago. I am also the creator of i need… the ‘go to’ group on Facebook for everything local.
My van is my office, workshop and part time home.
I concentrate on my local area of Stevenage (SG1 and SG2) as I have an ever growing network of loyal customers, this way I can give them the personal touch as I live in Chells Manor.
I also work closely with other trades and see them as colleagues rather than competition, some have become good friends.
Hoops is Gas Safe registered (535829) too.
Fully insured with full public liability insurance.

Just some of my services:

· Full bathroom suites and/or en-suites supplied and fitted.

· Domestic boiler and/or fire servicing. No ‘specials’, no ‘one offs’ just the same price each and every year.
  For over 5 years Hoop’s customers have enjoyed a fixed price boiler and/or fire service The price you pay each year stays the same as long as your appliances are serviced by hoops every 12 months!
  Pre-booking is essential.

· Showers and shower pumps.

· Water softeners.

· Domestic boiler repairs.

· Gas cooker & hob connections.

· Toilet overhauls.

· Leaking taps.

· Hot & cold garden taps.

· Blocked sinks and toilets.

· All the nasty jobs you don’t want to do!

· Free quotes and free advice. Give me a call. I am always happy to help!


How to check your gas engineer is registered to do your gas work.When you call a gas engineer to carry out any gas work make sure he is competent to do so. Ask to see his/her Gas Safe ID card and check:Is the picture on it the person standing in front of you.Check the registration number. Mine is 535829.Is it in date.Turn it over and check the elements. This is a list of work this person is qualified to do. If it isn't listed then the engineer isn't allowed to do the work. For instance, I can do all domestic work but am not allowed to touch commercial gas installation.If in doubt phone Gas Safe on 0800 408 5500 or check on line athttp://www.gassaferegister.co.uk/A gas engineer will never mind you checking. 

Sludge in the radiator Air in the radiator

If your radiators are not getting as hot as before then check them by feeling all around and compare your findings with the diagrams above.

Sludge could mean a system flush required. Air could be as simple as bleeding the radiator.


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