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Please note as of 2016 I will only be accepting cash or immediate bank transfers as payment.
Sorry no cheques or delayed transfers anymore.


It is always scary asking a tradesman to carry out any work especially when you don't know what is involved or what to expect. I will explain all aspects of any work you require so you can make an informed decision. I will always inform you if any unexpected issues occur and will never start any additional work until you have been advised and have authorised me to do so.

Don't trust anyone! Get at least 3 quotes for major work and ask your friends who they would recommend. Reputation is everything in the plumbing and gas world and our best work generator.

Prices are hard to quote without fully surveying the work in person, but as a rough guide and to allow you to budget for any work, here is an idea of what to expect. 

For a limited time - NO VAT on all prices. I do not charge extra call out fees or for estimate visits.

All prices are 'all inclusive'.

Type of work Standard Price
Boiler changes and full installations no longer done but I can put you on to a recommended installer. Call for details. 07504 861889
Boiler repairs. Please note replacing faulty parts can sometimes highlight other faulty parts and may require a further visit and/or part/s. £50 for an initial invesigation visit and if repaired within 1 hour.Then, if return visit required, parts plus labour.
Full boiler service. (Wall mounted) Full boiler service. (In loft) From £65 From £75
Full boiler service and gas fire service. From £110
Full back boiler service. From £130 Includes gas fire service
Gas safety check / Landlords certs. (Accessible wall/floor mounted boiler) From £55 From £40 per additional appliance.
Gas safety check / Landlords certs. (Boiler in loft)

From £60 From £40 per additional appliance.

Gas fire service. From £60 - from £40 if done on a boiler service visit.
Unspecific callout. £50 first hour, £40 per/hour thereafter plus any parts.There are no 'extra' charges for weekends or evenings.
Gas cooker connection (free standing) Replacement cooker if gas and electric connection already in place. From £65 excluding fittings.
(Supply and fit a new cooker hose additional £20)
Gas cooker connection (free standing) New installation. Free site survey required.
Gas hob connection. (Replacement)
Gas hob connection. (New installation)
From £80 including fittings.
Free site survey required.
Dripping/leaking tap. From £50 excluding parts.
Connecting a replacement washing machine or dishwasher. From £50 excluding parts.
Connecting a new washing machine or dishwasher where no previous appliance has been fitted. From £95 excluding parts.
Connecting a replacement washing machine or dishwasher. From £50 excluding parts.
Replace toilet. (Supplied by customer) From £9
Toilet overhaul. (Remove all old flush mechanism and replace with a soft touch dual flush valve, compact fill valve and new donut seal.

£85 for one toilet.£150 for two toilets.£200 for three toilets

Replace the siphon in a toilet. (The bit that makes it flush) Consider having your toilet overhauled for just £85! From £65.
Bath or shower re-seal. Remove all old silicon and reseal. From £120.
Bath bracing and re-seal. (includes timber supports) Often a bath is not properly supported and drops when filled or when standing in to shower. This causes a gap to open around the bath and then lets water through. From £145.
Bath panel fitting. From £60 (Panel not included)
Isolation valves suppled and fitted. Free site survey required.
Replacing a like for like radiator using original rad valves.
Replacing a like for like radiator using new rad valves.
Moving a radiator.
Installing a new radiator. (Price depending on pipe run required)
From £70 plus fittings.
From £80 plus fittings.
From £90 plus fittings.
From £90 plus fittings.
Hot water cylinder change.

Free site survey required.

Change basin taps. From £50 per pair.(£30 per additional pair)
Change sink taps. From £60 per pair.
Change bath taps. From £60 per pair.
Outside tap/s fitted. Does not include tap/s or materials. From £70 each. (Free site survey required as there may be additional pipework)
Carbon Monoxide (CO) detector. £45 or from any good DIY store. Get one today!Free advice on where to fit it.

Can't find a price? Please call for a no obligation chat. What is a call out charge? A call out charge is what it sounds like, a charge for calling the tradesman out. You get no work done just an indicator of what needs doing. I only charge for work I do. If a boiler is broken down, for instance, I will visit have a look and give you an estimate of the work required, I don't charge for this. If I can repair it at the time then I will charge.

So why do tradesmen add a call out charge? Some add it to cover unsocial hours, for jobs many miles away and some because they know they can. There are many reasons and some are genuine, for instance you may want a particular tradesman but you live 30 miles away. Even I would have to stick on traveling and fuel cost for that one! If this is the case the tradesman must tell you before arrival that there will be a charge.

Why don't you charge a call out charge in the SG postcode? I have no reason to in my area. My fees are straight forward and no nonsense. If the work isn't listed below or is an emergency then it is £50 for the first hour then £40 per hour thereafter plus any parts I use.

Why do you charge £50 for the first hour? I have to cover my time, fuel etc. It may be a very simple job but I do have to cover getting there and for diagnosing the fault.

Why do tradesmen prefer cash? It's nothing sinister, we just don't want to keep paying cheques into the bank every day and takes up valuable time. I prefer bank transfers.

Why do tradesmen never have the parts and have to return to fit? Imagine all the boilers and appliances on the market now imagine how many parts there are. They are expensive to buy and I doubt my van could fit them all. I do however keep some of the common parts.

Why did the part fitted not fix my boiler? Sometimes when a part is changed it highlights another faulty part. To save you money it is wise to change one bit at a time. It may take longer but will be cheaper.

Why did you give me free advice over the phone so I could do it myself, what's in it for you? If it is a simple job I think you can do yourself then I will advise you. I do don't feel happy to charge just for pushing a reset switch or turning a screw then charging you my minimum £50 fee.I also hope you will remember me when you have a job you really need me for.

Costs the customer doesn't see. When you need a plumber or gas engineer and a part is required consider this:That part has to be sourced, this often means some time searching the websites for the right part at the right price. Also phone calls to suppliers and time and fuel if collecting the part.So add all that up plus labour... Not so dear after all!

Can I supply the part myself? Of course. If you can get it cheaper, sure. However, beware if you supply the part and it is wrong or faulty it's down to you and you will still get billed for the work done at the time. Then again for the return visit. Ouch! 


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